Top 5 Holiday Gifts for Pet Parents

Find the Perfect Holiday Gift for everyone on your list this year, no matter your budget. Browse personalized gift guides for Mom, Dad, Friends and Partner. Specially for Pet lovers.  

(1) Custom Pet Phone Case

What is the one thing you can’t go without? What about that one special being? If it’s your phone and your fur baby, then we have an idea on how to keep them close to you all the time: a custom pet phone case. This 100% personalized and unique pet phone case is the perfect gift you can offer yourself, as a way to keep your best friend close to you wherever you go.

Get Your Custom Pet Phone Case in 3 Steps

It’s so easy to create your perfect custom pet phone case.

  • Step 1: select your phone case model and the number of pets you want portrayed on your custom case.
  • Step 2: choose the background color for the case.
  • Step 3: upload the photo of your pets. Easy peasy.

We make sure you love the artwork that goes on the custom pet phone case and that deliver it to you as fast as we can.

Offer a Custom Pet Phone Case Gift

A true pet parent will love to have a personalized phone case with his or her animal babies displayed on it. This custom pet phone case is such a wonderful gift to give yourself or a friend with fur babies. They will love it!

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(2) Custom Pet Fleece Blanket

Snugging in a cozy fleece blanket on a cold day is such a heartwarming thing to do. When the blanket is personalized with the portrait of your favorite animal friend, that’s next level snugging. A custom pet fleece blanket is one of thosesuper-cute things every pet parent should have in their lounge area.

Why a Custom Pet Fleece Blanket?

Tucking in your animal best friend in a custom pet fleece blanket with their portrait on it is such a fun way to show them your love and appreciation. This unique and customizable blanket is also a great gift for a family or friend who’s in total awe with their animal pets.

The best part about the pet fleece blanket is that it is 100% customizable. We have over 24 different backgrounds that you can choose from and 3 sizes. You get to choose the most representative picture of your fur baby and we turn your picture into an amazing hand-drawn artwork. In the end, you get a unique custom pet fleece blanket that portrays your favorite animal friend.

Our custom pet fleece blanket is a wonderful way to immortalize your fur baby, and express gratitude and appreciation for their unconditional love. What a gift!

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(3) Custom Car Decal

You can’t always take your fur baby for a car ride with you, and this sucks. Yet,we have found a solution for this. Are you ready? Buckle up! We are talking about a 100% unique and custom car decal of your pet. Our custom car decal is exactly what you need to take your animal babies with you whenever you are ready to go for a ride.

Why a Custom Car Decal of Your Pet?

This custom car decal is a great way to express your love for one of your fur babiesbut also show the world that you are proud pet parent. It’s a fun way to accessorize and personalize your car, especially if you’re on the road a lot. A custom car decal of your pet is cool idea to have your animal babies with you all the time, wherever you go.

In addition, our custom car decal is water resistant, it can stick and restick if you have to change its place and it comes in two sized that you can choose from. Of course, you choose exactly what picture of your pet you want to display and we make sure that the artwork is exactly what you want before we deliver.

A custom car decal of your pet is a fun way to take your fur baby with you for a ride everywhere you go.

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(4) Custom Pet Throw Pillow

Let’s throw it out there, literally. Pets are not just animals, they are beloved family members. Hence, every pet parent needs to know that there are creative ways to express their appreciation for their cute pooches. For instance, a custom pet throw pillow with the pet’s portrait on it. Unique, original and so, so cute!

Why a Custom Pet Throw Pillow?

Our custom pet throw pillow with cover makes a great gift for you and your pet and the reason is that it is a unique and lovely gift. With over a dozen background colors to choose from, and multiple pillow sizes, we make sure that every little detail is perfect before printing the custom pet throw pillow for you.

You can design your custom pet throw pillow to express your pet’s personality as well as the theme of the room, so it is exactly what you need. We have plenty ideas for you. Even more, a custom pet throw pillow is an amazing surprise gift for someone who is much in love with his or her animal companions.

We believe that our custom pet throw pillow is a fun, creative and unique gift idea for your animal bestie.

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(5) Custom Pet Portrait

Animal lovers are amazing people and they deserve great gifts. If you are one of them, a custom pet portrait is one of the best gifts you can offer your fur baby and yourself, of course. Our pets are not just animals, but respected family members and they deserve a special place in the family memories photo display, not just in our hearts.

The most amazing part of a custom pet portrait is that is personal and unique gift everyone will enjoy. You choose the picture of your beloved pet, and we turn it into an amazing artwork ready to hang on your wall. We have plenty background colors and patterns for you to choose from, four different sizesand you can also choose the frame color, so that your custom pet portrait is exactly what you wanted.

Why Go For a Custom Pet Portrait?

First, a custom pet portrait is an amazing gift to commemorate your beloved fur baby. It also makes an ideal gift for friends or family who love their pets very much and who would appreciate this kind of gift. We really think that a custom pet portrait is one of those great customizable gifts for the animal lovers, and a fun way to show how much you appreciate your animal bestie.

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