Image Capture Guide

Our world-class artists will be able to provide the best artwork of your pet when you will send us a good photo of your pet. You don’t need a photographer to capture it. You can just use your smartphone and follow our guidelines. That’s all. 

Suggestion 1

Lighting is Very Important. Please send us photos that are taken outside on a sunny day or in a room with bright light. It’s mandatory to get the artwork in the perfect color.

Suggestion 2

Capture Close Up. Please try to capture a close photo of your pet. We will work with your pet Head to Chest Area. So kindly avoid overhead or side view shots.

Suggestion 3

We recommend One Pet for every product. But we are able to draw multiple pets in a product. kindly upload 2-3 photos of your pet to understand the color and details accurately. Don’t forget to write an order note if you have any special requirements.